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Dmitry Zakharov is a new media artist based in Cologne and Berlin. His stroboscopic and progressive works involve a refined aesthetic sense for matter: fluids, bodies, lights, colors mixed with a touch of darkness.

Zakharov's art unveils the complex layers of interaction, where the tangible and virtual worlds intertwine, illuminating the multifaceted nature of human experience in a technologically saturated reality.He deeply engage with the fundamental aspects of human existence and strive to establish a dialogue between digital constructs, innovative technologies, and primordial themes. His works serve as a poignant reminder that our understanding of the world is simultaneously extensive and restricted. By challenging our preconceptions and welcoming the enigmatic mysteries beyond our grasp, his works invites to step into the unknown.

The artist’s progressive approach finds its roots in his experience as musician and VJ as well as in his early projects in zoological specimen. His diverse experiences liaise in Zakharov’s works and produce a unique mixture of abstract shapes and organic structures.

“Every innovation or technique can be used for what it is not intended.” Dmitry Zakharov, [2014], RoomsMagazine

Zakharov is an adventurer who explores not just the endless possibilities of digital art but also cultural life, social norms and nature. With his free-spirited mindset he likes to break up conventional methods in order to create new aesthetics.

His work can be found in various spaces and contexts. He creates solo exhibitions, takes part in festivals and collaborates with other artists and musicians.

Furthermore, Zakharov works on commercial assignments. With his unique style, the artist is able to create impactful ways of digital storytelling in a promotional context. In his exceptional approach, he matches his creativity with his customers’ visions so as to achieve captivating results.

However, Zakharov’s works are not restricted to computer screens solely - his work enters and experiments with physical space. His large scale projects shape exhibition spaces on trade fairs, set the stages of TV shows and have been projected on public buildings in the past. Through tangible impressions evoked by installations, projections and the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality techniques, his art captivates its recipients’ visual senses.

Reference include:
Apple, BMW, Dornbracht, Disney, OnePlus, Samsung, Porsche, Warner Music, Nike, Adidas, Bulgari, Pro7, Vodafone, Telekom, Balenciaga, Samsung, Native Instruments. Alt-J, Roadrunner Records, Herr von Eden, WDR media Group, Sky TV Auckland, Citroen, AboutYou, Belvedere Vodka, Max Cooper, Vorwerk, care affair, Afri Cola and more...
Contact: info@dmitryzakharov.de

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- Awards -

- Art Directors Club "Silver Nail Award" / Exhibition Experience // - Hyper Fountain
- Art Directors Club "Silver Nail Award" / VR Experience // - Hyper Fountain
- Art Directors Club "Bronze Nail Award" / Digital - Craft // - Hyper Fountain
- Art Directors Club "Bronze Nail Award" - / Craft > VR / AR // - BMW AR
- Art Directors Club "Bronze Nail Award" - / AR Experience // - BMW AR
- ADC Europe - Art Directors Club "Silver Nail Award" - / Barcelona // - Ètudes
- ADC Germany - Art Directors Club "Bronze Nail Award" - / Hamburg // - Ètudes
- Vimeo Staff Picks -  Inside Me
- Vimeo Staff Picks -  Micron
- Vimeo Staff Picks -  Black Liquid
- Deutscher Designer Club e. V. - Wettbewerbe » Gute Gestaltung 14
  CARE affair # 7 wins Bronze category "corporate communication".

- Festivals - Exhibitions -

- Ars Electronica - Linz - Austria
- Art Basel - Hong Kong
- 1703 Art Fair - St.Petersburg - Russia
- Krings Ernst Gallery - Cologne - Germany
- CO³ cologne contemporary concept - Cologne - Germany
- Ramat Gan Museum - Israel
- Idolwild Gallery - LA
- Dreams - ToDa - Dubai
- NFT Paris - France
- 15SecMuseum - Shibuya - Tokyo
- Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal - Germany
- Milan Design Week - Italy
- CEBIT - Germany
- IFA Berlin - Germany
- Kurzfilmfestival Köln - Germany
- Pause Fest - Melbourne
- Cut Out Fest - Mexico  - international Animation Film and Digital Art Festival
- Bayerischer Rundfunk - Phase 3 - Article and Videobroadcast
- Cologne Conference - Internationales Film & Fernsehfestival Köln  - Germany
- FILE Anima+ Sao Paulo - Brazil  - electronic language international festival
- Fuji TV Japan - Micron broadcasted on Japan's national television
- Kinetica ArtFair - London
- ISFFC -the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus
- Fest Anca - international animation festival - Slovakia
- (id)art_fest 2015" - Festival internationale di Video Arte - Honorable Mention of the Jury - Italy
- Anifilm - Prague - international Festival of Animated Film
- Mica Film Festival - Brazil
- Festival FIDA - Chile - Festival de Animatiòn
- Art Book Fair - Cologne 
- Down the Rabbit Hole - Netherlands
- Isle of Wight Festival - United Kingdom
- Supertoon - international animation festival - Croatia 
- Festival FIDA - Chile - Festival de Animatiòn
- Computer Graphic Conference - Uruguay  - Inside Me
- ArtFair Cologne - Cologne 
- Simbiontefestival - Mexico
- Lost in Nature Festival - Switzerland
- Studio Bühne Köln - Cologne
- International Biennale For Ceramics - Talavera/Toledo
- Institut für Künstlerische Keramik und Glas (IKKG) der HS Koblenz

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