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Harpa Reykjavik
We Are Melting

We Are Melting

Structure, clouds, nature, math, algorithm. A generated world surrounds humankind. What is digital and what is real? Creation by nature leads to a dialogue with the code created by man. Simulated recurring structures create new worlds that reproduce amazingly natural realities. We are melting.

project by: Dmitry Zakharov
music by Murcof - Una // The Leaf & District 6

special thanks to TinyMassive // tinymassive.io // Harpa Reykjavik Iceland
Atli Bollason // Jonas Johansson // Owen Hindley

camera by
Jake Harrison Meyer // Simon Hosseini // Philip Schulte

Type:  Installation
Technique: Animation // LED 
Year: 2019

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© Dmitry Zakharov, Cologne // Berlin, Germany.
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