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Dmitry Zakharov
Generative Visions

Generative Visions

This video series looks at future models of image generation and design.
Selected Blog feeds, artists, and specific subjects were put through the process of machine learning,
which allows one to generate endless number of new images from this datasets.  

I focused on people and blogs on the internet that I found inovative in imagery and  who are experts in developing new visual identities.
The generated images and people shown here do not exist in reality but are visions
of an algorithm that tries to guess what new images might look like based on the images given to it.
My full respect goes to the artists and bloggers I chose for this project.

The technolgy and the process itself raises many philsophical and social questions there.

How will we create the images of the future and what will happen to the data we put online today?
Can we create something new just by scanning certain Internet profiles or art styles?
Who is the author of an artwork that has been trained with data sets from other artists?

To break up the familiar look of this machine learning technology, a 3d world was created for each trained model.
Each world also contains unique soundscapes, that give each loop its own individual character.

This is an onging videoseries. More Videos will follow. 

Type: Video Series
Technique: 3d Animation, Machine Learning, 
Year: 2020/2021

Visuals and Sound by Dmitry Zakharov

All copyright 2024
© Dmitry Zakharov, Cologne // Berlin, Germany.
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