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Bruce Lee

Empty your mind, be formless.
Shapeless, like water.

Études 1 — IFTR

The cultural platform „I Follow the River“ was founded by Jens Mennicke and Dmitry Zakharov as a think tank or catalyst for any kind of contemporary creative expression. IFTR creates, curates and publishes art as well as cultural projects – self initiated or in commission. Everybody is welcome to Follow the River.

Études 1 is the newest project by
I Follow the River and intended as
a vital and inspiring visual source
to whom it may concern.
The „noir sur blanc“ issue features contributions by Jens Mennicke, Dmitry Zakharov and Bruce Lee.

Type: Musicvideo
Technique: 3d Animation
Year: 2012

Concept & Animation by
Jens Mennicke // Dmitry Zakharov

All copyright 2024
© Dmitry Zakharov, Cologne // Berlin, Germany.
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