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I feel like we’re losing
our control
But what if control is an
illusion after all?

Woman — Control
The music video "Control" shows the slicing and morphing of digital 3d copies extracted from the band Woman. In a factory of culture, do our creations start to control us? Shouldn’t we consciously loose control to re-position?"

Dmitry Zakharov and Jake Harrison Meyer are a creative duo from Cologne.
In their work they are trying to make reality more visible, fluid and

Woman - Control is taken from "Happy Freedom" LP by Asmara Records out 12th of May.
music written an performed by Woman; produced by Zebo Adam.

Type: Experimentall Animation
Technique: 3d Animation, 3d Scan, VHS
Year: 2017

Concept & Animation by
Dmitry Zakharov & Jake Harrison Meyer

music by

All copyright 2024
© Dmitry Zakharov, Cologne // Berlin, Germany.
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