Mumon Ekai 1183 - 1260
If you blot out sound and sense,
what do you understand?

The spread of fake news and false information has reached a new climax. The separation of truth and falsehood becomes increasingly difficult and it becomes harder to identify the people who we can trust.

Political conflicts and arguments are deadlocked and often represent personal interests, economic superiority and a gain of power rather than the interests of the people and the environment.

The problems of globalisation demand rejection of a misinterpreted concept of individualism. They demand rethinking of our stuck concepts and ideologies that led us to this self-scourging, almost self-destructive, mindset which has replaced the essence of our existence.

What happens when we create a momentum which silences politics, economics and the ego of each individual? A deliberate silence of each individual as well as a collective silence of all human beings as an expression for a unified system.

How would we encounter ourselves in such a space and how would we encounter our environment?

Would we be able to reform society with this deliberate silence?

If you blot out sound and sense, what do you understand? ( Mumon Ekai 1183 - 1260 )

The project was made with the help of an algorithm that scans speeches by people of public interest in order to find and cut out pauses made by the speakers.

Queuing up those cut out sequences they form a continuous silence.
The full project consists of the archive, the shortfilm and the media installation.

The short film is a selection of speeches that went through this process.
The media installation presents all those moments of silence and makes them
tangible through moving images and sound in space.
The Silence Archive is an ongoing database collecting silence with these technique. 

Type: Shortfilm // Installation
Technique: Code, Screen, Film, 
Year: 2020

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