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Xul Zolar
Casting doubts aside
Every night
At every time

Xul Zolar

"Tell Me" is the third single of the new Xul Zolar album "Heidelbach" (out March 17h via Asmara Records/Rough Trade). Preorder the album HERE

The music video for Xul Zolar - Tell me is my attempt to use digital AI technology to create an aesthetic that blurs the boundaries of reality and fiction while giving the poetics of the song a worthy framework.
Viewers are drawn into a realistic but impossible world that moves between organic images and shapes, futuristic scenes of smoke and neon lights, and the AI-generated avatars of the band members, constantly ending in total abstraction.

Video by Dmitry Zakharov
Written and performed by Xul Zolar
Backing vocals by Hanitra Wagnner
Produced by Georg Corad and Marius Bubat
Mastered by Jannis Bentler

Type: Musicvideo 
Technique: AI 
Year: 2023

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