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There´s a marvellous city
In my dreams
I should go downtown there
If you know what I mean

Woman — Marvellous City
Marvelous City deals with the representation of various reality forms which
are influenced by our contemporary society.  Do we seriously question and work towards our dreamlike concepts and expectations, or are we at risk to get lost within them, without ever ful filling our needs?

In this video we explore the inner connection of points in time
throughout our minds, physical space and the digital world, using 3D Scans of
the band WOMAN and VHS recordings of our city.
Our work tries to express the important moment in which we dare to
transform from our state, and start to embody our own concept of reality
beyond the temporary position and perception.

Dmitry Zakharov and Jake Harrison Meyer are a creative duo from Cologne.
In their work they are trying to make reality more visible, fluid and
Woman - Marvelous City is taken from "Happy Freedom" LP by Asmara Records out 12th of May.
music written an performed by Woman; produced by Zebo Adam.

Type: Experimentall Animation
Technique: 3d Animation, 3d Scan, VHS
Year: 2017

Concept & Animation by
Dmitry Zakharov & Jake Harrison Meyer

music by

All copyright 2024
© Dmitry Zakharov, Cologne // Berlin, Germany.
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